Here’s what we’ve done to keep you safe on your return to the Morningside Arena.

Develop on-line system to control all visits to arena by staff, users and customers

Total Tickets on-line system has been modified to provide for wide range of uses including: staggered access times, capacity controls, seating configurations, in seat food & beverage purchasing, family / household seating areas, cashless services, stock control to minimise movements, temperature checks, electronic recording, input to track  & trace system (all visitors details), e-tickets (advising user to use on e-ticket on phone), attendee information – in addition to lead booker, classes system – to control attendees for each conference, and for control of contractors, stewards and security

Include Covid-19 questionnaire within booking system

Questionnaire based on HMG advice, modify questions as appropriate for type of user or event

Include Covid-19 waiver within booking system

Standard waiver

Ensure all information is available to customers in-line with HMG guidance re basketball & spectators

Details set out in HMG guidance

Achieve formal Covid-19 secure status

Per HMG guidance

Modify Arena reception so all visitors must go through turnstile with scanning

Gate alternate for wheelchair users, contactless scanning, hands free turnstile access, surfaces easy to clean, training with staff to be aware of COVID guidelines

Deep clean all parts of arena including seating and equipment

Systematic room-by-room, electronic tracking system of last cleaned and by whom, procedures to highlight importance of touch surfaces, cleaning training provided, working with leading chemical provider Chemex UK, anti bac any surfaces that we cannot minimise touch regularly. Toilet usage flexible depending on guidelines.

Completely repaint all parts of the building to ensure gloss finishes for easy cleaning

Includes all surfaces that may come into contact with users/ staff and all door, doors open where possible and procedures adapt to reflect this revised process

Redesign reception with separate in and out doors

New desk installed; separate entrance / exit established; all users scan in & out for track & trace capability, social distancing guidelines to be implemented, café setup to support government guidelines (less need to leave and re-enter building)

Remove carpeting and replace with vinyl flooring for most areas to aid regular cleaning

Carpeting removed in reception and office areas heavily used by staff, remaining carpet cleaned

Expand kitchen work area to aid social distancing in kitchen while working

Includes all better layout to ensure staff can easily work.  Food safety policy updated to reflect social guidelines and stock holding reduced

Create one-way system for use of facilities upstairs

Redesign of use of KRS suite, trails of social distanced layouts accessibility and understanding of customer flows.  Develop staff to understand customer cultures t ensure new measures are implemented successfully.

Redesign offices to make staff face walls and better use of space

Ensure reasonable social distancing

Install 2 additional doors from corridor to courts 1 and 3 in arena

Court 1 access will allow easier direct access from arena side door; and from arena first floor; and provide additional exit flexibility from Granby stand.  Court 3 access allows better access to/from toilets

Have ventilation systems inspected and tested to ensure working optimally

Note system already has controls for CO2 and temperature

Install hand sanitizers in key locations throughout the arena

Working with partner Chemex, mixture of fixed and moveable stations to maximise venue flexibility

Install notices about Covid-19 compliance and warnings in all main areas including toilets

Notices from PHE

Floor signage to ensure social distancing where required

To enable one way systems and for F&B locations and for toilets

Modifications to mezzanines

Some system to ensure social distancing on stairs and at bars

Additions to bars to allow safe serving

Converted under grandstands to create improved and larger concourse areas

Implement temperature checks for all visitors / users

Equipment in place and system implemented recorded against user profile system

Develop Risk Analysis and Risk Mitigation Plan

Templates produced will require updating for each type of activity

Develop user guide for key users and staff so understand the full range of actions put in place

Developed for activities that are relevant to arena to date

Appoint Covid-19 officer

Includes training

Get the Ready to Go status from Visit Britain

Status confirmed

Stock of face-masks so all visitors can purchase if fail to bring and are required per risk assessment

Customised mask purchased

Regularly review all HMG guidance related to music venues, theatres and sports centres

Guidelines under almost daily review

Contractors / Subletting

RAMS, procedures worked on conjointly to ensure safe operation on reopening, and ‘working as one culture’ implemented

Training guides for staff / briefing notes for supervisors

Initial briefings; and at each event

Get SAG and Public Health support

Approval gained, will require further approval based on each type of activity

Get all general customer information on-line to promote arena and its safety

Guide and FAQ’s (PR related in addition to compliance related in 4 above)

Additional signage to direct customers to right locations and provide Covid-19 advice

General Covid mitigation advice

Floor markings for social distancing while in a queue

All entrances

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