Covid-19 FAQ– As of September 2021 



What Covid-19 Safety measures are in place?

  • In England, the legal requirements for wearing a facemask have ended. But the Government says it recommends the continued wearing of masks in crowded areas, and the Arena recommends that.
  • Temperature checks will be randomly taken, and anyone presenting a temperature of 37.8 degrees and above will not be allowed into the Arena.
  • The Arena operates a track and trace system through out ticketing partner Total Tickets, our policy is to take details from attendees and guests.
  • A keep left operation throughout the Arena is in place to minimize crossover.
  • The Arena is deep cleaned after each event, as well as cleaning and sanitization throughout the day.
  • Please follow any arena signs and procedures.
  • Covid signage has been put up both inside and outside the venue.

How will social distancing be maintained?

  • In England, there is no requirement to enforce social distancing, however, Covid signage is in place for customers to be mindful of social distancing whilst inside the Arena, and we have installed additional facilities to facilitate.

Does the Arena Operate a Track and Trace System?

  • The Arena operates a track and trace system through our ticketing partners Total Tickets.
  • Everyone who enters the Arena must provide their details ad be scanned into the venue.

How do I book tickets for events?

  • Tickets for events can either be purchased through Total Tickets on the Arena website or through the event promotor’s sales outlet.
  • There will generally be no box office available on the day of the event; all tickets must be purchased in advance, but there are exceptions for specific events.

Do I have to wear a facemask when visiting the Arena?

  • In England the legal requirement for wearing a facemask has ended. But the Government says is recommends the continued wearing of masks in crowded areas, and the Arena encourages that.



Can I bring a bag to an event?

  • We ask customers to not bring bags into the Arena unless required for medical reasons, with the increased Covid-19 safety measures in place bag checks will further delay your entrance to the venue.

Is there hand sanitizer available in the Arena?

  • Both mobile and fixed hand sanitizer stations are located throughout the Arena.
  • We are also happy for you to bring your own sanitizer into the Arena.

Are toilets open?

  • Toilets will be open on event days.
  • We have added a significant number of additional toilets in dispersed locations to minimize queueing since being closed due to Covid-19.

Am I able to purchase food and drink within the venue?

  • Food and drink will be available for purchase from our café on non-event days or at our various stations on event days, including in external marques.

Am I able to purchase and collect tickets from the Arena?

  • All tickets should be purchased online via the Arena’s Total Ticket system.
  • Some events may allow on-site, on-the-day purchases.
  • We ask that you please arrive at the Arena with either an e-ticket or a printed-out ticket ready to be scanned.

Is there onsite parking available?

  • Due to queuing requirements due to Covid-19, unfortunately on event days there is no onsite parking.
  • There are numerous car parks within a short walk of the Arena.



Is the Morningside Arena a cashless venue?

  • The Arena is not a cashless venue; however, card payment is preferable.

Can I bring food and drink into the Arena?

  • No external food or drink is allowed into the Arena.

Am I allowed to leave and then re-enter the Arena during an event?

  • The Arena operates a no re-admission policy; if you leave the venue for any reason you will not be allowed to re-enter.

Does the Morningside Arena have a smoking area on event days?

  • Unfortunately, we are unable to routinely provide a smoking area on all event days; however it will vary depending on the event.

If you have any further questions, please email or check our detailed Venue Safety Plan.Sept