Event Details

The Leicester Grand Tournament is a tabletop gaming convention in which players from around the country are doing battle to be crowned champion of the U.K’s second largest war gaming tournament. With hundred of attendees travelling from around the country the Leicester GT is a first for the Midlands and tickets are selling fast with 400 already out the door. Most players will be playing games by the high street name Games Workshop, their headline game also fast becoming a household name: Warhammer 40,000.
Covid has been a boon for the gaming industry generally as hobbyists retreated to their homes to prepare their armies to do battle once lock down was lifted. The Leicester GT was born following the publication of the governments road map to opening up economy again and our attendees are really excited to get gaming again at the new event with old friends.
To find out more about the event, check out www.Warhammer-Tournaments.com/leicester-city-super-major or for the sister event in London this September at www.LGTpresents.co.uk.