1. How did the Arena prepare for reopening?

By undertaking major physical changes to the Arena (see our website at www.leicesterarena.co,uk), undertaking specific risk assessments, and including COVID-19 mitigation and control measures in those assessments.
The arena has Covid Secure status. Operating procedures are constantly being reviewed and amended, as appropriate, in line with Government guidelines, with emphasis on reinforcing frequent and proper hand-washing and social-distancing control measures.

2. Will customers have to queue to enter?

Due to reduced capacity, queues may develop. Please adhere to the floor markings & signage to enable social distancing while queuing. There will be a hand-sanitiser station at the hub’s entrance. Informational signage will be on view, providing clear guidance and direction for customers as they enter the premises. Entrance doors will be pinned open to increase air flow and reduce hand contact points.

3. How is the Arena enforcing and publicising the government’s advice about meeting people from outside of my household?

It is our responsibility to make customers aware of guidelines through the booking process, but it is not our responsibility to enforce them. The designated staff member responsible for monitoring social distancing will also monitor groups and gatherings, taking account of any guidelines.

4. Bubbles/Tables

The household rule of 6 applies; however we can place tables near each other (but inclusive of social distancing guidelines)

5. What is the maximum customer group size permitted?

Local and national restrictions may apply to the composition of the maximum group of six. Customers who refuse to comply with the rule of six will be asked to leave the premises.

6. How will the Arena manage groups of customers?

The maximum permitted size of any group around a table is six. Through the use of signage, customers will be reminded about social-distancing guidelines. Customers must remain seated. Furniture must not be moved, as it has been positioned for social distancing.

7. Face-coverings are now mandatory in hospitality venues. Do customers and employees have to wear a face-covering in the Arena Hub?

For customers:

Customers will need to wear a face-covering while moving around the Hub, for example visiting the toilet. Customers can remove their face-covering when seated at a table.
For staff:
All staff are required to wear face-coverings. Non-medical face-coverings, protective eyewear and visors are available to staff. Gloves are not compulsory, but are available, on request. PPE will be required for staff working in kitchens or other areas, on occasion, where there might be confined spaces.


What about exemptions:

Staff and customers need not wear a face-covering, if they have a medical condition exempting them.
Children under the age of 11 need not wear a face-covering.
There are also scenarios when customers might be asked, and are permitted, to remove a face- covering, including for age-identification purposes and when buying age-restricted products, such as alcohol.

8. Are you providing sanitisers for staff and customers?

Hand-sanitiser stations are installed & mobile stations are positioned per room (s) & through the customer route.

9. How are you keeping the Arena Hub clean?

Dedicated employees will be deployed to clean and sanitise touch surfaces, including the toilets. Tables will be cleared and sanitised after use.
Protective screens will be located at those tills used for customer service.

10. What measures have you taken to ensure safety for customers?

Furniture has been removed, or rearranged, to facilitate social distancing. Signage requests that customers refrain from moving any furniture. Hand-sanitiser stations are located at optimum points.
There is regular sanitising of contact points during trading hours.

Tables are clear of all marketing material.
Additional emphasis is placed on serving drinks by holding the base of the glass.

11. Can I still order at the bar or is it table service only?

Government guidelines mean that the Hub will be operating table service only. Customers should order directly from their table, using the Morningside app. The app can be downloaded in advance of your visit. Where unable to order using the app (if a customer has no smart phone), staff will take orders and bring drink to the table. Customers cannot order at the bar.

12. Can I still pay by cash or credit/debit card, if I can’t use the Morningside app?

Yes. A staff member will take your order – food and drink will be brought to your table.
If a customer cannot use the app, contactless payments are encouraged. The limit has been increased to £45 for card contactless (Apple/Google Pay limit is £100).

13. Is there a limit to the number of drinks customers may have?

It is not our plan to impose a specific limit on alcoholic drinks consumed, with each customer managed individually.

14. Are children permitted?

Yes. Customers will be requested to keep children seated and to supervise them during toilet visits.

15. Are toilets available for customers’ use?

Yes. Signage will be in place leading to toilets, asking customers to ‘please keep left’. Face- coverings must be worn, while customers are not sitting at their tables.
A hand-sanitiser station will be located close to toilets’ entrance/exit doors. Where possible, toilet lobby doors will be propped open.
Signage will be displayed in the toilets, reminding customers about hand-washing frequency and technique.

16. What are the closing times now that there is a 10pm curfew for pubs in England?

The following times apply in England, Tier 2 (which Leicester is): 9.30pm – last drinks order

10pm – bar closes and all customers must leave by this time

17. How are you collecting information for test and trace?

Through the Arena booking system customers must register to gain a QR Arena Access Pass which is required to enter & leave the building.

18. How will you use my personal details?

Data is collected via the Arena booking system. Personal data collected via either paper form or electronically will be stored only electronically or shared with NHS Test and Trace or other responsible authority. Our legal basis for processing your personal data for NHS Test and Trace or other contact-tracing scheme is in accordance with legitimate interests to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Data will be shared with responsible authorities, in compliance with our legal and regulatory obligations. Your data protection rights apply.

19. Are you complying with GDPR?

The government has directed that, in COVID-19 pandemic circumstances, we are required to collect personal data from customers and visitors and, along with staff data, pass it to NHS Test and Trace or other regulatory body for contact-tracing purposes. The processes explained above, put in place for the collection, retention and secure destruction of the data, are in compliance with our data-protection obligations to customers, visitors and staff.

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