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ICEAW East Midlands 2023

Morningside Arena Leicester is thrilled to host “ICEAW East Midlands:

Leicestershire, a Net Zero county by 2045” on November 30, 2023.

The event will see a panel of experts speak to local businesses about the opportunities and challenges in aiding clients and improving their own practices to create Net Zero plans and fulfil ESG reporting requirements.

The panel of experts, chaired by Steven Mugglestone BA (Hons) FCA, Associate Director of Michael Harwood & Co, consists of:

• Kevin Routledge- Chairman, Leicester Riders Basketball Club, Director, Morningside Arena, Leicester

• Dr Mark Charlton- Net Zero and Climate Action Research Theme Director, De Montfort University

• Tim O’Callaghan, Project Consultant, Electric Corby CIC

• Sarah Reay, Climate Change Manager ICAEW

The panel of experts will share practical insights into the opportunities and challenges of supporting clients and improving professional practices through Net Zero planning and ESG reporting.

These insights highlight the strategic advantages of sustainability and provide guidance for overcoming obstacles.

Leicestershire County Council is dedicated to combating climate change by achieving net-zero status as a council by 2030. They are also collaborating with the people and organisations of Leicestershire to strive for net-zero status as a county by 2045.

In today's business landscape, ESG reports are vital for revealing a company's operations, risks, and commitment to environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and corporate governance. They offer transparency, allowing clients, investors, and the public to align their support with a company's values.

The event includes informative sessions, concluding with a panel-led Question and Answer session. Participants are encouraged to submit questions in advance for an engaging and informative discussion.

To book, visit the link below.

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