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Statement: Upcoming Arena Rebranding

Leicester Arena is pleased to announce arrangements for an upcoming rebranding, unveiling plans for the renaming of the Arena in the near future.

The Arena, formally known as the Morningside Arena Leicester, a title it has held since 2016, is set to undergo a transformation in its naming rights as a tribute to the generous support of the Ian & Clare Mattioli Charitable Trust.

In 2022, the Trust generously contributed £500,000 towards the Arena Extension project and remains steadfast in establishing a lasting legacy of generosity for the benefit of the communities in Leicester and Leicestershire.

In the interest of transparency, and to prevent any potential confusion during upcoming Arena events, the Morningside branding will remain in the Arena for the immediate future. A comprehensive timeline outlining the changes associated with the impending rebrand will be made available shortly.

Please note that any media referencing the Mattioli Arena in the near future is referring to the Morningside Arena.

Stay tuned for additional information.

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