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Morningside Arena Extension Update

We wanted to update you on exciting news for the Morningside Arena.

The Arena has received planning permission for a new Extension which will be built on the existing car park off Charter Street.

The Extension will greatly increase the flexibility of the arena to meet all its many competing demands. It will be a 2-basketball court hall and is scheduled to open later in 2022 (opening date tbc).

During construction of the Extension building, access from Charter Street will cease and all access will be from Memory Lane. To facilitate this, the gravel area to the east of the Arena will be fully tarmacked and the access from Memory Lane improved.

Thus, the initial phase of the project will involve the civil works to create this new car park.

These civil works are commencing on 21st March.

From that time, access to the gravel area will cease until the works are complete (up to a few months).

During that period, therefore, there will be no parking on the gravel area, but we will continue with all Arena activities and events. The main Arena access for Events and weekend activities will continue via the marquee, which will be modified somewhat to accommodate the civil works.

We hope this will not inconvenience anyone, and as a reminder, there is car parking allowed in evenings and at weekends at most businesses on Charter Street, including specifically #10 (directly opposite the arena), and at Flowmech and Ansa, for example.

For events, we also facilitate parking in the Leicester College car parks off Memory Lane. The details for other car parking for Events is shown on the Arena website (

Please bear with us as we deliver this important project.

There will be a further update about the implications of the Extension building construction at a later date.

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