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WBR Group Sponsor South Stand

We're delighted to announce local business, WBR Group, have signed a 12 month sponsorship agreement for our south grandstand, now re-named The WBR stand (formerly Granby Stand).

WBR Group help SME's entrepreneurs and families bridge the gap to financial prosperity.

Tom Moore, CEO of WBR Group; “We were thrilled to unveil the newly named WBR Stand at the arena, which compliments our strong connections with Leicester Riders and the Mattioli Arena. Supporting our local community is a core vale of WBR Group, and whether in Leicester or any one of our other 4 UK locations, giving back and making a difference is very important."

Family is at the heart of WBR Group, Tom Moore third from left

WBR have signed a 12 month sponsorship agreement to rename the original Granby Stand to the WBR stand.

If you're interested in supporting your local community and giving back, The Mattioli Arena have various opportunities for sponsorship and partnership. Contact Tracey Hallam, for further details.

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