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The Weber Cup Returns

VENUE: Morningside Arena

DATES: October 14th-October 16th, 2021

The annual transatlantic tenpin tournament is back with fans making their much-awaited return at the Morningside Arena from October 14-16. Working alongside the PBA Tour, Matchroom Multi Sport will deliver the 21st staging of the Weber Cup as Team Europe and Team USA battle to become the next rightful Champions.

Captain, Chris Barnes, looks to guide the USA to their fourth consecutive win after successively asserting their dominance over Europe since being crowned Champions back in 2018. Barnes will also look to star, Antony Simonsen, to bring the glory as he will look to emulate his miraculous form after becoming the first individual to achieve an individual score of 300 since 2013 – just the eighth player to do so in Weber history.

Dom Barrett’s European side, however, will seek vengeance after falling short at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry, last year despite their greatest efforts to overcome their costly opening session defeat.

The two teams are introducing some new faces to their respective line-ups with Richard Teece making his debut for Team Europe while debutants, Chris Via and Tom Daugherty, have been announced for Team USA.

The line-ups are as followed:


Dom Barrett ©

Jesper Svensson

Thomas Larsen

Stuart Williams

Richard Teece


Chris Barnes ©

Chris Via

Kyle Troup

Anthony Simonsen

Tom Daugherty

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